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Toshiba kits out washing machine with aircon

Hard to believe, but true - a washing machine and aircon in one

It's nowhere near April and this definitely isn't a satirical hoax like some we've seen recently. But the latest washing machine from Toshiba Japan is as hard to believe as any ridiculous spoof, yet is as real as any other domestic appliance.

The ¥310,000 (£1,355) TW-3000VE combines - believe it if you will - a washer-dryer with a room air-conditioning unit. In other words, it will clean your laundry up and cool your house down at the same time.

Energy efficient too

Toshiba reckons the new machine will be perfect for cramped Japanese apartments, although the energy-saving and noise-reducing features may be just as much of a draw.

Lastly, if you're interested in knowing, the 3000VE can wash a 9kg load, dry 6kg at a time and is available in orange, gold and silver from next month. Only in Japan.