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Sony to unveil 360-degree 3D display

Sony's new display can be viewed from all angles
Sony's new display can be viewed from all angles

Sony's 3D express train continues going at top speed with the announcement that the company is set to show off a new 360-degree 3D prototype display.

The gadget is said to be autostereoscopic, so can work with out glasses and will stand at around 10.6-inches tall. Which means it could well become the ultimate desk toy.

3D imagery

There's no word as of yet what the device will be used for, but pictures of the yet-unnamed display show it beaming a lovely image of a cartoon dog. Whether this means it can be used as a very high-end Tamagotchi remains to be seen.

It's more likely that the display will be used as a cool digital photo frame.

While the use of glasses aren't needed, the display is hardly HD – projecting LED images as 96x128 pixels and 24-bit.

If you want to see the device in action and are in Tokyo, then pop along to the Digital Contents Expo where it will be show off from 22 October.

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