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Robot drives Le Mans using two AA batteries

Panasonic's batteries are grabbing headlines for their stamina

If you're lining up a publicity stunt for something as humdrum as a battery then you could do a lot worse than the eye-catching bash Panasonic just pulled off with its long-life Evolta cell.

Using just two of the AA flavour of the battery, Panasonic's PR flacks coaxed a tricycle-riding robot known as Mr Evolta round the Le Mans racetrack for the fabled 24 hours.

Full day's racing

The impressive endurance feat saw the robot cover almost 15 miles, or 5.6 laps of the track, in the 24-hour span, which saw it recognised as a Guinness world record.

While it sounds like a fantastic achievement for relatively eco-friendly power, concerned citizens might want to look away when we tell you that Mr Evolta spent the entire 24 hours following an infrared beam from a lead car that drove just ahead of it.