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Samsung to develop mobile gaming phones?

Samsung could be about to make a major push into the mobile phone gaming if two recently published patent applications to the US Patent Office are anything to go by.

The two patents are for games-oriented mobile devices, with prominent gaming controls taking priority over a mobile keypad. In both designs, the numeric keypad is hidden away, under a slide out-and-up display in one design, and tucked away behind a hinged gaming control panel in the other.

The descriptions on the Samsung phone patents list the two devices as a " portable communication terminal for games with foldable keypad" and a " portable communication terminal for games" .

Gaming is the headline feature on both devices, although multiple functions are listed among the devices' capabilities, including mobile phone communications, multimedia player, and even DMB mobile functionality.

Patent application mobile phone designs don't always make it into production models, but it is interesting to see that Samsung could be thinking seriously about advanced mobile phone gaming devices.