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Robot blogger makes light work for humans

PaPeRo does your blogging for you.

If you thought maintaining a personal website was as easy as it gets these days, then NEC 's new robotic blogging assistant might make you reconsider.

The company's PaPeRo domestic robot has been around in prototype form since way back in the 20th century (ok, 1999) but has been a little behind the times when it comes to getting with the zeitgeist, so is only now stumbling into the whole blogging thing.

As of this month, however, PaPeRo has caught up with the rest of us and will be showing off his online skills at the Conference of the Association of Natural Language Processing on 20 March in Shiga, Japan.

Makes Aibo look bad

Those new abilities allow the 'bot to listen to anything his owner says to him about, say, their day just gone, process what he hears and then use the keywords to search the internet for related multimedia content.

After that, whatever online goodness PaPeRo digs up gets dumped onto the owner's website along with a video recording of the conversation that prompted the cybernetic creativity. All the human blogger has to do is to feed PaPeRo the blog login details and a few handfuls of batteries every day. Just be careful what you tell the little fella about that clandestine dinner assignation, ok?