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Google Glass to embark on its own American road trip

Start working that hitchhiker's thumb, Google Glass. You're going to need it.

The team behind Google's wearable tech announced today that Glass is embarking on a good ol' fashioned road trip, heading to cities across the U.S. and spreading the word (read: taking some of the weirdness) out of the hardware.

Starting in Durham, N.C. on Oct. 5, Glass will trek to other unnamed destinations from there.

"You'll be able to try on Glass, ask questions and chat with the Glass team in person," a Google Glass Google+ post read. So in other words, if you haven't shelled out $1,500 (about £936, AU$1,603) for an Explorer Edition, next month is (maybe) your chance to give Glass a go.

Keep checking this G+ page for updates on where Glass is headed next. Oh, and if you're in Durham and want to spec Glass, RSVP here.

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Michelle Fitzsimmons

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