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Bipedal robot kit looking for niche in Japan

Manoi is an impressive toy robot.

Everybody loves an unthreatening toy robot, especially when they're as cute as this little fella from Kyosho of Japan - Manoi certainly won't be stealing anyone's job or going on a killing spree in the local mall.

The bipedal PF01 robot kit is being made available in limited numbers of just 150 for JPY189,000 (£800) from April. At 40cm tall, Manoi is being marketed as a one-fifth scale humanoid, although we suspect the developers are bigging themselves up a little there. Size aside, once completed the robot hooks up to a PC via USB to receive his marching orders.

In spite of being little more than a toy, Kyosho's 2kg droid features plenty of advanced engineering, including dual gyroscopes that help him stay balanced when walking. The kit comes with three rechargeable batteries that should keep the bot going for an hour, but a remote control for pointing him towards the paper shop is an optional extra.