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Facebook's mood manipulation is nothing new, so what's the fuss about?

Microsoft's got a lot of catching up to do

Ah, Friday. The sun is shining, the weekend is nigh and Hugh Langley is back in the office, regaling us with tales of his heart-stopping trek through the countryside. Apparently, he saw a bird at one point. And possibly a sheep.

Of course, being stuck in the middle of nowhere for the past week means we've had to bring our young survivalist up to speed with what's been happening back in the civilised world. First up: news that Microsoft could be bringing a smartwatch or smartband of its own to the already-crowded wearables table.

We haven't seen much other than a couple of leaked patents for now, but with a sea of Android-based smartwatches already on the market and Android Wear about to go big, Microsoft needs a serious USP if it hopes to be anything more than another face in the crowd.

Facebook has also been causing widespread outrage yet again, this time after revealing it's been actively manipulating our news feeds in an emotion-altering experiment reminiscent of something from a George Orwell novel.

You can hear this and loads more tech-themed goodness in this week's TechRadar Show. Tune in below, and be sure to leave us your thoughts afterwards.