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Has Bubble Wrap popped its last?

Bubble Wrap

Whether young or old, most people agree there are few things in this world more satisfying than an un-popped sheet of Bubble Wrap.

But today a dark cloud has formed over the heads of popping enthusiasts everywhere, with the news that Bubble Wrap may be about to change forever.

Sadly, Sealed Air, the company behind our beloved popping plastic, has developed an updated version of the protective covering that doesn't pop. The air simply shifts instead. The horror!

We hate to burst your bubble...

Sealed Air claims the new version is more compact, and easier to ship and store than the old one as it is delivered without the air inside. Companies hoping to try it will have to use a pump supplied by Sealed Air to inflate sheets themselves.

If this news has ruined your day, you are not alone. A #SaveBubbleWrap campaign is gaining momentum as it tries to ensure the joy of Bubble Wrap is not permanently lost.

Sealed Air has responded to the campaign, tweeting to reassure fans that the classic wrapping will remain available. Despite this, we must remain vigilante to ensure the pleasure of popping is preserved for generations to come.