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Astronaut Tim Peake accidentally makes first prank call from space

Hello it's Tim Peake

Astronaut Tim Peake is the first person in space to make a prank call, that we know of.

Explaining via his Twitter account, it appears he accidentally dialled in the wrong number on Christmas Eve and ended up on the line with a very confused woman as he exclaimed 'Hello, is this planet Earth?' at her.

Tim Peake Twitter

Tim Peake's Twitter account

Tim Peake is currently aboard the International Space Station for the next 6 months, hoping to move science forwards in its understanding of how things work in space, whilst orbiting the earth several times a day.

We think the conversation may have gone a little like this helpfully illustrated via Adele's new video.

Hello its me Tim Peake

Adele phone

Adele awkward

Talk about crossed wires, but at least this gave us a bit of early cheer. Let's hope he managed to get NASA on his friends & family call plan, as the cost of phone calls from space must be...astronomical.

Images courtesy of Tim Peake, NASA and Adele/Universal