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Ashton Kutcher might be the new face of Lenovo

We don't foresee him wearing a black turtleneck for Lenovo

Lenovo may soon have a new face in the form of Ashton Kutcher a.k.a. Steve Jobs a.k.a. Kelso (yeah, that's getting pretty stale).

Kutcher is reportedly on the cusp of signing a $10 million (about £6.5m, AU$10.8m) deal to appear in a series of Lenovo ads. It may seem a little random that the guy playing the founder of Apple would put his mug up for the world's current No. 1 PC maker, but on the other hand, maybe it makes perfect sense?

He gave surprisingly astute observations about the world of social media and his personal interest in technology investments earlier this year at CTIA 2013. He's famous for funding start ups, plus we've seen him flashing those pearly whites for Nikon since 2009.

Could Kutcher made Lenovo cool? We may soon see.

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