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AR.Pursuit - first game for the AR.Drone arrives

AR.Pursuit - let the games begin
AR.Pursuit - let the games begin

The AR.Drone has been given its first augmented reality game on the App Store – a two-player pursuit that shows off the flying capabilities of the device.

The AR.Drone, created by Parrot, is an absolutely mental WiFi quadricopter that's equipped with two cameras and can be controlled by your iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Virtual pursuit

AR.Pursuit is a game that you can play via your Apple device, which will map the real-life AR.Drone to a virtual game of cat and mouse.

In the game you can 'shoot' down a mate's AR.Drone with virtual missiles and machine guns.

The person who lands the most shots during the game is the winner.

"AR.Pursuit is an enthralling game which makes the most of the extreme maneuverability and stability of the AR.Drone and launches the players into a world where the real and virtual collide… A first," says the release.

Having seen the device flying around at last year's CES we would have to agree.

The AR.Pursuit app has a UK release date of 26 November and will cost £1.79. The AR.Drone is available now from HMV for £299.

Check out the video of AR.Pursuit in action below:

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