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Apple joins Hogwarts as enhanced Harry Potter ebooks land on the iBookstore

Harry Potter iBooks

Up until now, the magic in the Harry Potter books has always been purely literary. Through the power of JK Rowling's imagination, regular muggles can believe – if only for a moment – that magic really exists.

But thanks to a partnership between Rowling's Pottermore and Apple, the magic has now transferred to the page. All seven Harry Potter novels have just been released as exclusive enhanced editions on the iBookstore.

These enhanced versions of some of the most loved books of all time feature animated illustrations from Pottermore artists within their digital pages, alongside special annotations from JK Rowling herself.

Marked by a small quill, users will be able to access illustrations and notes about the wizarding world of Harry Potter like they've never been able to before.

The enhanced versions of the Harry Potter books will set you back US$10 / £6.99 / AU$11.99 each, and are available now from the iBookstore.

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