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Anyone can control this family's Christmas lights over the internet

Christmas lights
Internet-controlled Christmas lights.

Christmas Day is over, but you've still got 10 days or so before you need to think about taking the decorations down. If you don't have any of your own, why not experiment with the lights put up by Ken and Rebecca-Ellen Woods of Fairbanks, Alaska, USA?

The couple are letting anyone with an internet connection and a browser switch different parts of their display on or off, thanks to this website. It's proved very popular though - so you might notice a slight delay.

This isn't a new idea either: the couple has been doing it annually since 2010. Fortunately, Ken and Rebecca-Ellen can't see the lights from inside their house - quite what the neighbours think about it isn't clear.

"We do this for the fun," Ken told the Alaska Dispatch News. "I didn't think it would get as big as it is." Apparently the setup gets bigger every year, and there is a donation link if you want to chuck in some money for the cost of keeping this festive internet wonder up and running ($420 this year).


David Nield

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