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3D stalwart James Cameron disses Hollywood's 3D fetish

3D stalwart James Cameron disses Hollywood's 3D fetish
Yeah, see, that's not how I'd have done it, Snyder

We didn't think we'd see the day when James Cameron said a bad word about 3D, but he's basically implied that Hollywood has messed the whole thing up.

"I do not think Hollywood is using the 3D properly," he said at tech forum TagDF, adding that studios are shoe-horning 3D into films that would be perfectly acceptable in 2D and forcing directors to work in 3D when they'd rather not - name-checking Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 along the way.

Humbly, he added, "Avatar changed everything. Good and bad movies - everything has to be in 3D since Avatar."

Yeah, thanks for that.

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