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CES 2007: Super-fast WiLinx network

WiLinx's chip is capable of transferring data at an impressive 480Mbit/s

WiLinx , a US wireless module supplier, today revealed a new device for high-speed wireless data transfer. The company will put it on display at the Consumer Electronic Show ( CES ) in January.

Using ultra-wideband (UWB), the company has created a chip for an over-the-air high data rate link across all 12 WiMedia channels.

It's capable of transferring data at an impressive 480Mbit/s, making it ideal for streaming high-definition TV signals around the home.

According to the WiMedia group , that is only the beginning of the UWB standard - speeds will increase as the technology develops.

WiLinx's announcement is one of the first to use the new high-speed standards. However, nothing else is known about the device - what form it takes, how much it costs, its power requirements, and so on.