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Wi-Fi access in hotels too expensive

Wi-Fi is often rated over leisure and even parking facilities by business travellers

Accessing Wi-Fi networks in UK hotels is still too expensive, a new survey suggests. The high prices charged by some hotels are forcing travellers to visit local coffee shops or bars that offer Wi-Fi at much lower prices, a survey by hotel website showed.

The average cost for a day's Wi-Fi access was £10, according to the research. There were often cut-off points in the middle of the day, penalising those who accessed a wireless network in the morning and then again in the evening.

"Our research shows that Wi-Fi is one of the most important and most requested facilities in hotels for business travellers, ahead of leisure and even parking facilities," said Tony Walsh, development director at

The survey recommends people should research minimum Wi-Fi charges, bandwidth limits and security of the wireless network when they look for hotels.

"The UK hotel industry is missing a trick as fast internet access is becoming one of the key differentiators for hotels looking to attract valuable business guests," Walsh added.