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Where to buy the iPhone XS in the UAE

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Apple’s latest (and supposedly greatest) phone is finally here – the company has started to fulfill its pre-orders for the iPhone XS, and customers are giddy with happiness over their precious new toy. We’ve already had our play around with the iPhone XS, so if you’ve finally given in to the hype and want to get your own iPhone XS, there are a few places you can still grab one from.

Directly from Apple

This is a no-brainer. You can jump onto Apple’s online store (opens in new tab) to pick up your snazzy new iPhone XS, starting from AED 4,229 for a 64GB version. The only catch? You’ll have to wait 1-2 weeks for it to be delivered to you, so if you’re not the patient kind, then you’ll have to give them a pass.

You can also drop into your nearest Apple store to check for availability, but expect there to be limited stock with similar wait times for new units. You can also check online if your existing iPhone is eligible for a trade-in offer (opens in new tab) with Apple.


The iPhone XS will be available to pre-order online (opens in new tab) and in select Etisalat stores. Customers can opt to purchase an iPhone XS with the flexible smart pay plans on a 12, 18 or 24 months contract. iPhone XS (64GB) can be purchased for as low as AED 185 and iPhone XS (512GB) for AED 255 under the 24 month smart pay plan. 
Customers who are subscribed to the ‘iPhone for life’ program and have completed their 12 month contract will have the opportunity to enjoy a free upgrade to iPhone XS. A new subscription to the ‘iPhone for life' program is also available for all new customers who purchase iPhone XS on the 18 or 24 month Smartpay offer.

You can also purchase the handset directly for AED 4,028 (64GB).


With du, customers can get 16GB data (opens in new tab) each month and 600 flexible minutes along with their brand new iPhone XS when they sign up for a 24 month ‘iPhone every year’ program from du. This essentially entitles you to a new iPhone every year (assuming Apple announces a new phone in that year).

The Gold and Silver models are already out of stock, so make sure you snatch yours up soon.

There are a number of sellers on (opens in new tab) that are offering a pre-order for the iPhone XS, but prices start at AED 4,229 for a 64GB iPhone XS (without FaceTime). No doubt that prices for the iPhone XS are going to remain quite steep until stocks are back in official channels, so expect to pay a premium until then. Just be careful of who you’re buying the phones from, and ensure that the package is sealed and that warranty is valid.

New ecommerce giant is selling the iPhone XS from AED 5,709 (opens in new tab) (512GB without FaceTime), with only one capacity option being available at the moment.

Axiom Telecom

It’s a similar story over at Axiom Telecom, with the 64GB model retailing for AED 4,229 (opens in new tab) with pre-orders available now on all models of the iPhone XS.

Sharaf DG

Pre-orders for the iPhone XS at Sharaf DG (opens in new tab) are already underway, with prices to start from AED 4,229 for a 64GB model.

Jacky’s Electronics

You can get the 64GB iPhone XS from Jacky’s Electronics for AED 4,229 (opens in new tab) – you’ll just have to sit through the 2-3 week delivery window.

you can pre-order the iPhone XS at (opens in new tab), with prices from AED 4,249 for a 64GB version, but they're currently out of stock across all models

Jumbo Electronics

With prices from AED 4,229 for 64GB iPhone XS (opens in new tab), you can grab your new phone from Jumbo Electronics with just 3 days delivery time once the phone is released.

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