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Final Force Band dirties up BB-8, but it's still adorable

Sphero BB-8 special edition

Sphero has unveiled the final version of the Force Band, first shown last month at CES 2016.

While the Force Band demonstrated at the show featured gratuitous use of white, the final version has a gunmetal color scheme better suited for the Dark Side.

The Force Band lets owners control the Sphero BB-8 droid using Jedi powers, communicated through hand gestures, and doesn't require the accompanying smartphone app.

Joining the new Force Band is a special edition BB-8 with a matching gunmetal charging base and worn, post-battle look, which is way cooler than the luminous original.

I look forward to the new special edition Sphero BB-8 and Force Band so I can finally let my toddlers control BB-8 without fearing they'll break my phone.

Expect the Force Band and special edition BB-8 later this year. Sphero hasn't revealed pricing of either, but the regular BB-8 retails for $149.99/£130/AU$250.