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Next Apple Watch to be much the same as current one but with better battery life

Watch out

Expecting Apple Watch 2 to be radically different to the first one? No, we expect you probably were not.

Now it's settled on square as its desired shape for smartwatches, and had seemingly very solid success, Apple was never going to transition to a round one for V2, despite the attractiveness of that form factor.

In fact, according to an alleged leak to a Korean source, the next Watch will be made of the same materials, with the same screen shape, size and resolution and, in general, resemble Watch 1 in most regards.

That means you're stuck with the "classic" 1.32-inch, 272x340-pixel or 1.5-inch, 312x390-pixel options on offer today.

The one difference, according to our Korean chums, is that the display will be a little thinner, "to allow for a larger battery." Which makes sense.

The "source" also claims that LG will not be the sole maker of displays for Watch 2, as it is on the current model, as Samsung will also provide OLED panels for it. Which in turn suggests Apple will be making greater volumes of Watch 2, banking on sales spiking over Black Friday and Christmas 2015 and driving demand to delirious new highs.

Via GforGames