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The new Misfit Flash is an activity tracker and a magic button

Misfit Flash Link

Misfit is announcing both new software and hardware for those who love the company's simple, stylish little fitness trackers.

First off, the new Misfit Link app lets you use any Misfit Flash as a miniature remote of sorts by pressing the Flash button.

You'll be able to take a selfie with your camera phone or Snapchat, control music with Spotify or Pandora, or advance slides in a presentation. Additional functionality will also be added, including IFTTT and Logitech Harmony integrations. The iOS app is available for download now while an Android version will be released next month.

Misfit has also unveiled a new hardware offering: Flash Link that's compatible with the Misfit Link app and will cost only $19.99 (£19.99, about AU$27).

Lastly, current pricing has been updated with significant drops for the Misfit Shine and Flash in the US region. Instead of $99.99 (£80, about AU$135), the Shine now costs $69.99 (about £45, AU$95) and the Flash is $29.99 instead of $49.99 (£50, about AU$55). Global price slashes have not been announced.