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Jetpack equipped firefighters to tackle skyscraper infernos

Martin Jetpack Dubai
Ethan Hunt eat your heart out

Firefighters are already some of the bravest, most highly-trained individuals in modern society, dedicating their lives to saving others.

But now Dubai firefighters are taking things up a notch. The Dubai Civil Defence organisation has signed an agreement for 20 customized Martin Jetpacks, which will be used to tackle the challenge of fighting fires in Dubai's ridiculously tall skyscrapers.

Thanks to the Martin Jetpack's small footprint and ability to take off vertically, it will allow firefighters to navigate in spaces traditionally not accessible by helicopters.

Reach for the skies

The jetpacks can also be controlled remotely, allowing them to be used to deliver essential payloads of up to 120kg or even rescue people stranded in tall buildings during emergency situations.

The initial deal promises 20 jetpacks for Dubai Civil Defence, plus two simulators and plenty of training, which should help ensure that videos of the firefighters join the list of amazing jetpack videos, rather than the jetpack fail collection.

It's not clear when Dubai residents will start seeing jetpacks flying through their skies, but it will definitely be exciting to see how the addition of personal flight vehicles changes firefighting strategies around the world.

Via: Gizmag

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