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Google Glass 2 will be easier on the eyes, but only your eyes

Google Glass 2

Google Glass 2 is apparently a thing, and a new report says the wearable will have a larger prism that extends further out to make the headwear more comfortable to use.

We thought Google Glass was dead for a quick minute until the company revealed that Glass 2 is in the works, with prototypes supposedly already shipping to select companies. The new headset has apparently even been dubbed the "Enterprise Edition" as opposed to the older "Explorer Edition."

Now, sources speaking with 9to5Google revealed Google Glass Enterprise Edition sports a larger prism than the Explorer Edition. This should make it easier for users to look straight up to see the screen versus having to do an upward side-eye glance, like they had to do with the original Glass. The screen for the Enterprise Edition is apparently getting an upgrade, too.

The site noted the new headset will also come with an Intel chip in tow, replacing the ARM core, info that backs up a report from last year.

Better all around performance and longer-lasting battery life have been promised with the new chip.

Regardless of all the improvements, the jury's still out on how users will actually look with the new Google Glass (hint: still ridiculous).