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Bigger and brighter: Misfit Shine 2 debuts

Misfit Shine 2

When the Misfit Shine launched, our review described it as "the best-looking, least intrusive wearable device yet." While the stripped-back Misfit Flash soon followed, Misfit has now unveiled the real successor to its popular wearable.

The Shine 2 is slightly larger in diameter than its predecessor, but also thinner. It has a more powerful processor, 12 multicoloured LED lights and a vibration motor that acts as a silent alarm, alerts you to incoming calls and texts, and gives you a nudge if you've been stationary for too long.

Water resistance up to 50 metres means the Shine 2 can monitor your activity in the pool, and it has the same six-month battery life as its predecessor. That means there's no need to recharge it, you'll just need to replace the standard watch battery powering it twice a year.

The Shine 2 will cost US$99.99 (approx £65, AU$138), while the original Shine will stay on sale for US$69.99 (approx £45, AU$98). Check out the video below: