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Watch 15 minutes of us slashing demons in Doom Eternal

(Image credit: Future)

Doom Eternal is - frantic. No matter what difficulty setting you're playing the game on, the gameplay is fast, challenging, and never boring. Releasing on March 20th, 2020 for the PC and console, it's a non-stop action powerhouse that brings some truly satisfying moments with it.

Whether you're swinging through the sky to take down a Gargoyle, or vaulting over molten lava to charge into a Hell Knight, you'll get satisfaction from every shot, grenade launch, or straight-up punch to the face. 

Doom Eternal's gameplay is very fluid, and standing in one spot is not at all encouraged. Enemies regularly flank you and try to keep you cornered, so being mobile is a huge part of staying alive. You can also pick your battles wisely - do you ignore the largest enemy room and pick off the smaller ones first, or tackle the strongest one first and use the smaller demons to replenish your ammo? 

While the game does reward you for charging headfirst into battle, there are definitely moments where you'll want to asses the situation before you begin your attack. The enemies are varied enough to ensure that no two battles are the same, and just when you think you've eliminated them all, a swarm of new enemies teleports in. 

It's certainly a game we would recommend playing on PC with keyboard and mouse. The sheer speed and pace of some of these fights would be a true challenge to pull off with a console controller, but if you're quick enough you might just be able to do much better than we did.

Doom Eternal releases March 20th, 2020 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Nick Rego

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