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Fujitsu stunner joins the smartphone race

Fujitsu's first attempt at a smartphone in Japan is a stunning debut.

We've seen more than a few appealing smartphones over the last few months, but none at all from Fujitsu Japan, a glaring omission the firm addressed there yesterday by releasing its first such device.

The F1100 slider-type phone will be available from market leader NTT DoCoMo by the end of the year and looks to be a real powerhouse model for business users. It uses the company's 3G FOMA network and sports 3.6Mbit/s HSDPA and Wi-Fi for internet connections. On the downside, there's no GSM radio, which means it will be available only in Japan.

Internet calls included

As with many Fujitsu PDAs, there's a fingerprint scanner to lock and unlock the phone and it runs Windows Mobile 6. Somewhat surprisingly, given the very closed nature of Japanese phone operators, the F1100 includes a SIP client for making potentially free VoIP phone calls over an internet connection.

The 2.6-inch screen is touch sensitive and, at just 130g, the F1100 is slightly lighter than even the famously svelte iPhone. Whether or not the notoriously picky Japanese market will take to smartphones still remains to be seen, but Fujitsu is clearly off to a flyer if the market there does heat up.