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Vivaldi is testing picture-in-picture video

Vivaldi 2.0

Super-customizable web browser Vivaldi is testing a new feature for video fans: picture-in-picture playback. This places a small video player in a panel that floats on top of the browser as you browse and scroll through other sites.

Picture-in-picture is available in Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1332.4. To give it a try, download the Snapshot, right-click any HTML5 video and select 'Picture-in-picture' from the context menu.

Work in progress

'Snapshot' is Vivaldi's term for a beta release. Early adopters are invited to try new features early and give feedback to the development team.

Vivaldi typically releases one new Snapshot a week, and spends several more weeks fixing reported bugs and polishing new features before integrating them into the browser's stable release.

It isn't the first developer to experiment with picture-in-picture. Apple added the feature to Safari two years ago with the launch of macOS Sierra, though getting it to work with YouTube requires some sneaky clicking.

Google is also testing it for Chrome, though it's still at an early stage of development. You can enable a few experimental settings to try it now.

 Via Techdows 

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