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Netflix is updating its TV app to get you to your content faster

Netflix TV app updated

We’ve arrived at a very nice place when it comes to navigating Netflix on our televisions, with an intuitive interface that’s pretty much unrivalled in its field – but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room to make it even better.

Having recently provided a long-overdue overhaul of its web app, Netflix has announced via a blog post that as of today, it will begin globally rolling out its first major TV app update since late 2013.

The update won’t fundamentally change the app’s design, but it will cut down the number of clicks it takes you to start playing a video.

Netflix? More like ‘less clicks’, amirite?

This GIF illustrates how the update will automatically start playing your chosen video after one click, with episode information layered over the top of your video and then fading out after a few seconds.

This will also streamline the process of switching between episodes, eliminating the need to back out entirely to the menu.

Netflix has stated that the update will be available on eligible devices over the next few days though it didn’t specify which devices those will be.

Stephen Lambrechts

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