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Pinnacle's PCTV goes LocationFree

The Pinnacle PCTV To Go is available in wireless or LAN versions

Pinnacle Systems has launched Pinnacle PCTV To Go, a LocationFree device that enables users to watch TV anywhere via an internet connection.

Similar to Sony's LocationFree and Slingmedia's Slingbox , Pinnacle PCTV To Go lets users tune into their home TV channels from anywhere in the world, as long as they're connected to the internet. It supports content from cable, satellite, digital terrestrial and IPTV broadcasts, as well as audio-video output from personal video recorders (PVRs) and DVD players.

TV shows are streamed via the home internet modem to a mobile computer in high-quality MPEG-4 video format. Mobile access is password-restricted and only one user can use the service at a time. On a home network, up to five users can tune into the same TV programme.

Users can watch live or recorded TV content on their computers, plus control and record programs on their TV set.

Pinnacle PCTV To Go is available in LAN and wireless versions, both of which will be available from mid-March. The PCTV To Go Wireless costs £200, and PCTV To Go LAN is priced at £150.