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Sony's pocket digital TV offers slim design

Portable mini television sets these days are nothing like their clunky predecessors of the last couple of decades and Sony 's latest Japanese model is a perfect example of the new wave of good-looking, multi-functional devices.

On sale now in Japan, the ¥40,000 (£176) XDV-100 combines a 1-seg digital terrestrial tuner with an AM/FM radio and sleek design in a 110g package. The display is a bright 2.83-inch TFT, while the battery will stretch to 5.5 hours of TV viewing or 30 hours of radio listening.

Digital delight aplenty

The 1-seg broadcasts in Japan are already popular, as they can be picked up by many new mobile phones, so there's plenty of programming from all the major networks.

Moreover, there's an electronic program guide to help schedule that next fix of sumo on the go. The package is completed by an elegant cradle that allows the XDV-100 to be watched while charging.