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Scrub up your dirty high-def pictures

IsoTek MIra cleans up dirty mains electricity, rewarding you with better looking high-def TV pictures

Now that you've lavished a few hundred (thousand?) pounds on a new high-def TV, you may be disappointed to learn that you're not getting the very best possible picture quality out of it. Why? Because of the dirty mains electricity that's currently polluting your home.

Thankfully IsoTek 's coming to the rescue with Mira - a mains conditioner that claims to give you crisper, more stable images, deeper black and more vibrant, natural colours. IsoTek claims the conditioner can even extend the working life of your LCD TV or plasma.

Sounds like bunkum?

Well hi-fi and home cinema companies swear by IsoTek products apparently and often use them when demoing their products at public events: Arcam , Denon , Pioneer and Teac Esoteric to name just a few.

To clean up your images, plug your TV and DVD player's power leads into the Mira and then plug the Mira into the mains. You can also hook up your TV aerial lead to the device for better telly pictures too.

Genius. And it's yours for only £150. Contact Activ Distribution for more.