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Sky sneaks up monthly subscriptions

Sky is sneaking up its prices - you'll now pay £45 for the top-end TV package

Sky is nudging up its prices. As of 1st September 2007, several of its 'Mix' TV packages will see rises of between 50p and £2 per month.

Sky enables you to build your own TV package by bolting together Mixes or clusters of channels - i.e. a Kids Mix (Disney Channel, Jetix, Cartoon Network, etc) and a Knowledge Mix (the Discovery Channels, History Channel, UKTV channels, etc) for £15.

Sky high pricing

Come September's price increases, the cheapest Mix deal (two Entertainment Mix packages) is being hit the hardest. It sees a hike from £15 to £17 per month.

Other Mix packages will see smaller rises, but it means that the top tier 6 Mix, Sports and Movies package will now cost subscribers £45 instead of £43.50.

The full list of price changes is available here .

The consumer price rises are in line with Sky's new pub-pricing strategy for Premier League football. Pubs and clubs face an average 11 per cent rise in subscription costs from 1st September as Sky faces increased competition this year from Setanta .