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Wireless TVs shown off at IFA

Amimon has released its new WHDI chipset to manufacturers

If that glut of cables piled up behind your entertainment centre is getting a little uncontrollable, take heart. Wireless HD Interface (WHDI) is on its way.

WHDI hardware maker Amimon has released its new chipset to manufacturers, which means wireless high-definition TVs aren't far behind. This week at IFA 2007, several TV makers - including Loewe and Funai - are slated to demo new WHDI sets, as well as wireless-equipped high-def DVD players.

WHDI streams a 1080p signal over the 5GHz spectrum without compression, with a framerate of 30fps. So you no longer need all those cables. As long as your wireless TV and DVD player are within 100 feet of each other, you're ready for the show.

WHDI hardware is expected to add as little as £10 to the price of a new television, although initial price premiums will likely exceed that amount to an astronomical degree.