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Breaking Bad is now smoking in 4K on Netflix

Breaking Bad joins House of Cards as Netflix continues 4K content push
Netflix has got the good stuff

Netflix has made a rather significant addition to its slow-growing line up of 4K content by adding arguably the most significant piece of television of the last decade.

Yes, the hugely popular Breaking Bad is now available to stream at the Ultra HD resolution, the company announced today.

Following up on a promise made at CES 2014 in January, Walt and Jesse's somewhat dodgy exploits have joined Seasons 1 and 2 of the Netflix Original political drama House of Cards among the 4K ranks.

Netflix has promised that all of its self-produced content will be made available in 4K, but the arrival of Breaking Bad might be the most compelling reason yet to upgrade to a 4K TV.


Netflix's Joris Evers confirmed the roll out with a tweet claiming the streams are accessible 'wherever Netflix is available.'

However, to access the content users must have a 4K display capable of decoding the H.265 HEVC 4K video, which is a standard on most 2014 Ultra HD sets but on few before that.

Users will also need an internet connection of around 15Mbps if they wish to enjoy the 4K stream without buffering.

Via The Verge