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Watchmen Blu-ray has Maximum Movie Mode

Watch the Watchmen in MAXIMUM MOVIE MODE!!
Watch the Watchmen in MAXIMUM MOVIE MODE!!

Watchmen may well be the turning point for Blu-ray to go mass market, if news of the disc's extras is anything to go buy.

Just like how The Matrix back in 1999 housed innovative extras which finally brought out DVD's appeal, Watchmen boasts a Maximum Movie Mode, which looks mightily impressive.

Snyder visual commentary

A preview of the mode has hit the net and shows off an innovative way to do a director commentary.

In the preview, Director Zack Snyder becomes host with the movie merging to the back of the screen next to a side-by-side comparison of some behind-the-scenes-footage.

Couple this with side-by-side comic book comparisons and more in-depth featurettes to shake a stick at, and the Watchmen Blu-ray is set to become something rather special.

Also, it will be interesting to see if Snyder can keep his composure when he comes face to face with a rather naked Dr Manhattan.

Via SlashFilm

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