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Avatar Collectors' Edition comes with hidden 3D content

Avatar, comes with 3D content
Avatar, comes with 3D content

The latest Blu-ray release of Avatar (Avatar Collectors' Edition) comes with something of a surprise for 3D enthusiasts – it actually has two 3D bonus features planted as Easter eggs on the disc.

A post on AVSForum explains how to find the Easter eggs.

All you have to do is go to 'Live Extras' on the third discs and toggle down.

Once done a trailer of the movie and a featurette called 'Pandora Discovered' appears – and both of them are shown in 3D.

Another dimension

It came as disappointment to many that Avatar, the movie that kick-started 3D, hasn't actually been released on Blu-ray in 3D yet, but Cameron and co have decided to release a features-free version of the movie and now a Collectors' Edition.

A 3D version of Avatar is set to be released sometime in 2011.

At least those who have purchased the new three-discer of Avatar, and have access to a 3D setup, can check out what the movie will be like in 3D in the home.


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