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Avatar 3D Blu-ray: Panasonic nabs rights till 2012


Panasonic has said to have bought the rights to Avatar 3D Blu-ray until February 2012, meaning that if you want to see the movie in 3D and on Blu-ray you will have to wait more than a year of purchase some Panasonic AV kit.

AV enthusiast blog AVZombie has spoken to Panasonic and it seems that it has the exclusive global distribution rights to the blockbuster title until February 2012.

The company's exact words: "Just to confirm the Avatar bundle deal does run until Feb 2012."

Avatar 3D exclusivity

This means that until this point it will only be available as an incentive to buy Panasonic kit.

This is a blow to 3D enthusiasts who have already bought rival kit, but a boon to Panasonic who should see an up rise in sales due to the Avatar exclusivity.

It will also mean that those who have been trying to sell their Avatar 3D Blu-ray copies that they are going to hold their premium price for a while longer.

There is a chance that Avatar will be available in the shops (perhaps a new version will appear) but it appears, for now, Panasonic have the rights to the movie for bundling with AV kit.

TechRadar is seeking some clarification

Via AVZombie

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