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BlackBerry started making a streaming box and this is what it looked like

BlackBerry started making a streaming box and this is what it was going to look like
What an inspiring design

Back in 2011 BlackBerry had a stab at making a media streaming box for your TV and three years later, photos of the device have surfaced.

A Crackberry forum user bought a box full of server parts that once were RIMs, and claims ten prototype streamers were inside.

Known as the BlackBerry Cyclone, "isaac708" details various versions, none of which are hugely inspiring - some came with a remote, some can connect to Wi-Fi, some can stream to TVs using HDMI.


Credit: isaac708

He's even got one working, showing a YouTube app option but no sign of the rumoured Netflix app.


Credit: isaac708

Since the streaming market has really taken off over the past few years, could the Cyclone have been the device to turn things around for BlackBerry if it had just followed through on these prototypes? Alas, we'll never know.

Still, having a stab at the iPhone and the iPad didn't do it, so there's no reason to think attempting an Apple TV would have done the firm any favours either.

  • Now for a media streamer you can buy: check out the Roku 3

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