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Uber's app will soon tell you if grabbing an e-bike would be quicker than a car

Uber car

Soon, when you use Uber to select a destination, the app will present you with contextual suggestions to help you pick the best way to travel.

If you're the only one travelling and the trip looks relatively short, it may show you the location of the nearest scooter or JUMP electric bike alongside its various car options. Alternatively, if you're headed to the airport with friends in tow, it might offer SUVs and Uber XL options first.

According to TechCrunch, the updated app will also factor in how you've travelled in the past. For example, if you tend to choose frugal options like pools, it won't show you pricier luxury rides.

Voyages of discovery

Uber snapped up Brooklyn-based e-bike sharing startup JUMP in April, and added electric scooters to its lineup earlier this month, but until now these options have been quite hidden away in the app. Now they'll be brought into the foreground whenever they're relevant. 

It's a sensible move that'll help travellers get the most out of the company's growing fleet of different vehicles, without swamping them with too many different choices.

Cat Ellis

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