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UAE has the fourth-fastest download speeds on 5G network

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The fastest download speeds on 5G were in the US followed by Saudi Arabia, South Korea and the UAE, according to Ookla Speedtest.

The speed test was conducted between June and August this year.

In the US, the average download speed over 5G is 477.42Mbps compared to 34.33Mbps over 4G.

In Saudi Arabia, the download speed over 5G is 395.04Mbps compared to 42.11Mbps over 4G, while in the UAE, the download speed is 334.27Mbps on 5G compared to 59.23Mbps over 4G.

On the other end of the spectrum, the UK had the slowest mean download speed over 5G.

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Australia was the second slowest and Bahrain third slowest.

Bahrain showed the second-highest per cent improvement when comparing 4G and 5G download speeds, though, and Kuwait was third.

Australia showed the lowest per cent increase between 4G and 5G download speeds and Qatar had the second-lowest.

Switzerland leads in upload speed 

Mean upload speeds over 5G are less remarkable, though in almost every country Ookla analysed they represent a 50-120% improvement over those available on 4G.

Kuwait was the exception, with only a 26.6% improvement in mean upload speed when using 5G rather than 4G.

The US and Bahrain were nearly tied for most improved with increases of 119.7% and 119.1%, respectively, when comparing mean upload speed on 5G to that on 4G.

Switzerland had the fastest mean upload speed over 5G, Qatar was second and Saudi Arabia third. Mean upload speed over 5G was the slowest in the UK, second slowest in the US and third slowest in Kuwait.

The 5G share of the tests taken on either 4G or 5G differs widely among the countries on our list. South Korea was clearly on top with 5G accounting for nearly 13% of Speedtest 4G/5G samples. This is not surprising given that one South Korean mobile operator has 1m 5G subscribers. Australia had the second-largest percentage of 5G tests and the UAE is third. Saudi Arabia had the smallest percentage of 5G results.

Naushad K. Cherrayil