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Twitter's big sale has not evaporated just yet

Software giant Salesforce has reportedly not given up on its interest in Twitter, despite its shareholders wondering if the micro-blogging platform is worth buying.

Despite relative silence in the last few weeks over the much-mooted buyout, and a resultant shares crash, it seems that there are still suitors for Twitter.

According to news agency Reuters, Twitter remains an attractive proposition for Salesforce, despite cooling interest from Google and Disney. 

“We can do this!”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

What Salesforce would do with the platform is harder to anticipate, with the link to Google the easiest to understand. 

Twitter is a media darling but has never quite converted a high-profile early boom into something that makes lots of cash, and the audience growth has been more limited in recent years. 

We can do this

That has seen the likes of Instagram late last year and more recently Snapchat surpass its daily user numbers. 

Salesforce, a major player in the world of business software, has seen its own value held back in recent weeks by doubts over a purchase of Twitter. 

Amidst the gloom, Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey has attempted to rally his staff, with Bloomberg getting hold of a memo that saw the co-founder urge them: “We can do this!” 

Patrick Goss

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