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This probably isn't the Apple Watch 4, but it's a good idea of what it may look like

We're almost certain that the Apple Watch 4 will launch next week at Apple's iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max event. We're not so sure the photo (below) is that new watch though.

Oh, it looks like the new iPhone-compatible smartwatch we're expecting for 2018. It has the same watch face as the official-looking photo that 9to5Mac leaked last week.

The problem? Twofold: it's too pretty and all the watch face complications match the original photo leak. We're used to grainy spy shots and this looks absolutely dressed up.

Don't believe every Apple leak you see (Photo credit: Hometop)

Don't believe every Apple leak you see (Photo credit: Hometop)

Okay, wait, maybe the Apple Watch 4 'leaker' who sent this to Hometop snapped this photo on Wednesday, the 23rd, also has lunch with a friend named Ken at 12pm (hey, it doesn't have to be the same Ken – it's a popular name), and took the same number of steps at precisely the same time as the render in last week's Apple Watch leak.

No? Nevermind. The only things that are different are the corner complications. At the edges, the current temperature, UV index rating, sunrise, and timer icon are missing. You know, it's hard to Photoshop images onto the beveled corners of a watch face. It's way easier to use that eraser tool.

But the Apple Watch 4 may look like this

Here's what we do like about this implausible Apple Watch 4 leak: it gives you a good idea of what we expect from the smartwatch ahead of next week's announcement.

Its screen will be 15% larger and have an edge-to-edge resolution with approximately a 384 x 480 resolution on the 42mm watch, note the rumors. Content will be denser.

The Apple Watch 4 itself might not be any bigger; certainly not 15% bigger. The plan is said to be to wipe away the needless black bezel that surround the Apple Watch 3 and earlier watches. In other words, the Apple Watch 4 may get bezel-less iPhone X treatment.

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