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This ‘happiness software’ can determine if you’re really enjoying your job

If someone at work has ever asked you if you’re happy with your job and you’ve answered ‘yes’, prepare to have that commitment tested. A unique software demonstrated at GITEX Technology Week by Smartmedical Corp can analyze your voice and detect happiness levels, according to its creators. The system, named Empath, has a multitude of applications, and is already being looked into by Dubai’s Ministry of Interior.

The software analyzes voice patterns and inflections to determine happiness, sadness, joy, and anger in a person’s voice. It requires no special hardware apart from a computer and microphone, and can be deployed to work across other devices as well, such as smartphones, connected speakers, and robotics.

The system is also able to retain and analyze the data collected from each ‘conversation’, and produce data reports that show an overview of employee happiness, as well as drill down into particular time periods to determine why an employee might not be emotionally consistent.

So far the system has already been attracting attention, particularly here in Dubai where the Ministry of Interior has already signed a collaboration agreement with Smartmedical Corp to help implement the system in various key nodes of Dubai’s existing infrastructure, in line with the plans set out by the Ministry of Happiness.

EmoPod on display at GITEX Technology Week

EmoPod on display at GITEX Technology Week

Also on display was Emopod, an ‘Emotion AI Speaker’ that will be able to use deep learning to analyze your voice prints and detect your emotions. It can connect to third party APIs to further enhance its skillset or offer new features. For example it can link with the Philips Hue to automatically adjust lighting in your space to reflect on your current mood.

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