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There's a Mr. Bean NFT collection because of course there is

Mr Bean
(Image credit: Tiger Aspect Productions)

In the never-ending barrage of NFT launches, an unlikely contender has stepped into the ring this week.

Mr. Bean.

That's right - the bumbling, lovable oaf created by the fantastic Rowan Atkinson can soon be enjoyed as an NFT (a sentence I'd never thought I'd write).

The Mr. Bean NFT collection is being launched by Fomo Labs (opens in new tab), in conjunction with content producer and distributor Banijay. The collection will be available exclusively on Fomo Labs' marketplace dubbed The Avenue, and will feature 3,333 unique digital collectibles, purchasable from 25th May using the cryptocurrency Ethereum.

By purchasing the Mr. Bean digital collectibles, holders will also have access to certain rewards, competitions and redeemables including a signed, unpublished hand-drawn still of Mr. Bean from the first animated series. Further Mr. Bean NFT drops with Fomo Lab are planned throughout 2022. 

Mr Bean NFT Collection

(Image credit: FOMO Labs / Banijay)

Mr. Bean co-creator and actor Rowan Atkinson commented: “I think that this is a great idea. Any initiative which not only draws attention to but actually enables access to the fabulous artwork associated with the Mr. Bean Animation series, I welcome with open arms.”

While the NFT collection will solely focus on the animated series, we can't help but wish it paid homage to Mr. Bean's iconic oyster sketch, which you can gleefully watch below.

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