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The Ambassador offers helping hand to businesses to ease impact of Covid-19

Sherif Zaki, founder and CEO of The Ambassador
(Image credit: The Ambassador)

The business-to-business tech marketplace - The Ambassador - is offering a helping hand to businesses as they cope with the impact of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak in the UAE by offering discounts and perks on frequently used services.

Sherif Zaki, founder and CEO of The Ambassador, told TechRadar Middle East that they are an employee experience application and offer companies the “MyBenefits” platform to help their workforce save money by offering reduced gift vouchers in food delivery, fuel, cleaning, laundry, etc.

“It is an opportunity for companies to take care of its people and help them save money as things are getting tighter and people have less money. Any little savings opportunity really helps its staff,” he said.

He said the mission has always been to ‘make work better’ whether by helping save companies money or creating opportunities for them to reward their teams with more.

Moreover, he said the zero-cost solution is designed to help small businesses secure potential new business for continued operations during this challenging period.

“As a startup ourselves, we empathise with the challenges solopreneurs, startups and small businesses are facing during this unsettling time. We believe every little bit counts, and more so in times like these and encourage all companies to take advantage of the always free access,” he said.

The platform has 50 partners on board such as  CareemNow, JustMop, Washmen, Fruitful Day, Cafu, Kibsons and Shampoch, to name a few.

 “With everyone avoiding public spaces and many employees working from home, it is likely that many will avail the on-demand services. We are all coping with financial uncertainty and it is important that we can combine our strengths to look out for each other,” Zaki said.

Securing new businesses

The platform offers several ties, including paid subscription and free.

Zaki said a company can sign up and create their domain and once the page is uploaded, the company’s workforce can register with their company’s e-mail address and start availing the benefits.

Partners on the platform get royalty, exposure and get increased business; he said and added that every brand has to refresh their offers every month.

In the premium enterprise version, Zaki said that the platform gives 25% of the registration cost back as vouchers to the company.

The platform is also offering solopreneurs, startups and small businesses free advertising to promote their services to help the local small businesses sector secure potential new business for continued operations during this challenging period.

Zaki said that they have 1,000 companies on board with 10,000 individual people and he aims to have between 3,000 and 5,000 companies from the UAE by end of this year.

“Our focus is in the UAE but has a small presence in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. We are looking to add more partners throughout the Middle East and North Africa region. In the UAE, we expect to add between 70 and 100 exclusive offers in different sectors,” he said.