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YouView CEO expects to have Sky Sports on platform

BT Vision and Sky Sports - making YouView transition?
BT Vision and Sky Sports - making YouView transition?

YouView will potentially carry the main Sky Sports channels, with CEO Richard Halton confirming to TechRadar that he expects BT to include the potential to subscribe to the channels in its YouView offering.

When asked if he felt a BT Vision YouView or Talk Talk YouView box would carry Sky Sports, and therefore Premier League football, Halton answered: "I would assume that that would be the case."

"BT or Talk Talk could make a YouView box, which has the linear channels."

Linear channels

"The thing about the common approach of YouView is that it allows you to integrate linear channels and on demand," he added.

"You could be watching live TV at 9pm, load the normal TV guide but then go back in the EPG to the day before."

Sky does, of course, offer more of its sports channels on its platform, and all of them are available in HD to people with the right subscription, but BT, TopUp TV and Virgin Media are among those that offer subscriptions to Sky Sports 1 and 2 after Ofcom set the wholesale price of the channels.

Patrick Goss

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