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Virgin Media delighted with latest figures

Virgin Media- growth
Virgin Media- growth

Virgin Media has added a further 37,800 subscribers to its television service in the past quarter, with the cable operator producing its best ever third quarter performance and reaching 3.71 million homes.

Virgin Media's figures show that their average revenue per user has reached a record high, boosted by the likes of the 50Mb broadband package.

The revenue per person on average is now at £44.24, a five percent increase on its previous quarter results.

VOD in demand

Video on demand remains a key factor, with more than 66 million views a month and the mobile service adding 88,000 customers, taking it up to 873,000.

"Our focus remains on attracting high-value customers, who buy more from us and stay with us longer," said Virgin Media's Neil Berkett

"This strategy has led to the second successive quarter of record ARPU and strong consumer revenue growth. I am delighted that these results show we are progressing significantly in this regard."

Patrick Goss

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