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Twitter: Huge shift in TV engagement on horizon

Twitter: Huge shift in TV engagement on horizon

Twitter's UK head Tony Wang believes that we will soon see a huge shift in the way that our broadcasters engage with their audiences.

Speaking at the IPTV World Forum with TechRadar in attendance, Wang talked lengthily about the importance of simple things like hashtags and tweets from the 'talent'.

However, Wang acknowledged that currently broadcasters are riding on a wave of spontaneous engagement from fans talking about their shows rather than inviting them to, or going the extra mile for engagement.

He believes that this is already changing, and will usher in a new generation of socially engaged television.


"Most [tweeted] programming is spontaneous at the moment but soon we will see as a standard, broadcasts going for, at minimum, hashtags and talent tweets," said Wang.

"And we'd love to see more and more examples of artful engagement allowing people a different perspective and the chance to shape the storyline through their interaction."

Wang's examples included the huge spikes in followers that the likes of Piers Morgan enjoy each time he puts his Twitter handle on screen, and how political debates in the US have been enlivened by Twitter votes in who is answering, and who is dodging, the question.

Patrick Goss

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