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LG's 18-inch flexible OLED display folds in on itself in new video

LG roll up display
Roll one up

Didn't believe LG's 18-inch flexible OLED panel could really roll up and still work properly? O ye of little faith.

The company has posted an in-action demo of its next-gen display to YouTube, and you can see that as it's bent like a contortionist, the imagery on-screen continues uninterrupted.

Watching Sherlock Holmes with your TV folded in two won't make for enjoyable viewing, but the development promises to bring larger TVs into awkward places. Or, at the very least, act as a cool party trick.

The images on the display are vivid and sharp, another sign that LG's tech could actually be useful and not just a gimmick. We wouldn't be surprised if we got to take our turn with these roll-up displays during CES 2015, so stay tuned for more on the flexible screen front.

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