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Tosh to show off autostereoscopic screens at CES 2011

Tosh - looking to glasses-free 3D
Tosh - looking to glasses-free 3D

Toshiba has confirmed that it will show off its autosteroscopic 3D technology at CES 2011, with hopes that the screens on display will be bigger than its previous 20-inch offering.

Tosh showed off a 20-inch and 12-inch model at CEATEC – and queues of people wanted to see the glasses-free 3D televisions.

And the company will hope for a similar response at CES 2011, although president of Toshiba's digital media network Masaaki Oosumi hinted that the screens may be bigger.

Tosh - wants rid of the glasses

Three months of improvement

"It has been three months, I think we should show [the TVs] with better technology," said Masaaki Oosumi.

"Next year is the key year to extend development of the technology and extend the screen size," he added.

The desire for glasses-free 3D is palpable, but the autostereoscopic technology has significant hurdles before it becomes a mass-market television proposition.

Although the likes of the Nintendo 3DS will soon arrive bringing small 3D screens using the technology, finding the sweet spot for larger screens is tricky, and the viewing angle range is small.

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